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A brand with a unique and inspiring personality.

Essentially, a collection of memories.

Introducing a new jewellery collection that reinterpretes the concept of collectible charms, by making it more up close and personal.

Create symbols. Design. Shape.

MABOO offers you a selected range of exquisite and delicate pieces, symbols filled with meaning. From the Angel (symbolizing the protection of our affections), to the Pegasus (paying tribute to freedom), these timeless pieces can and will be the best way to hold on to that special moment.

More than just a charm.

Every single piece in this beautiful new collection is carefully designed. The outline is streamlined to reveal the core of its meaning – the lines are simple, unpretentious and fresh. Everything the purest of memories is set out to be.

MABOO is an exclusive series of personalized charms. Each holding a special meaning, they’re not meant to be simply collected – although the appeal is undeniably there. But each piece was specially designed to hold a meaning and tell a story – a meaning and a story only you will know.

MABOO is authenticity.

MABOO is a memory come true. MABOO is you – and only you.

A ritual of quality

Not surprisingly, the best materials and finishes are in place to better complete this fresh and straightforward feel of the series. MABOO is the creation of Luísa Rosas, and it shows.

Born straight from a longstanding heritage in goldsmithery and high fashion jewellery, this new collection feeds from the expertise and family tradition in the art of designing unique pieces, combining creative freshness with good old-fashioned technical refinement.

Feelings and memories translated into jewellery:
this is MABOO.

You can fit a world of memories
and stories in each piece.



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