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Flying Seeds Collection

Flying Seeds Collection

“Flying Seeds” is the name of the jewellery collection resulting from the partnership between Associação Corações com Coroa and Luísa Rosas.

Inspired in actual flying seeds, the pieces in this collection represent the will to acknowledge the rights of girls and women who, throughout the world but particularly in Portugal, have no power of choice.

These seeds aim to prove that dreams are always possible, and each of us has the power to support them, by giving wings to those women who have not been given the opportunity to dream.

In a hectic society such as ours, Luísa Rosas and Associação Corações com Coroa remind us of the urgent need to join forces in building a fairer world, sustained by equality and equity. Both partners believe this symbol of growth, unity and beauty is perfect to convey their message.

The collection is made of four pieces, two in yellow gold and two in silver, in different sizes.

The brand Luísa Rosas claims no profit from sales of this collection.

Find out more about this collection here.

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