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A five-generation legacy.

Luísa Rosas comes from a family with great goldsmithing tradition. Since 1860 the Rosas family has been manufacturing the most exquisite, original and timeless high jewellery pieces in Europe, accounting for more than 155 years of international recognition in the world of luxury and exclusiveness.

First on the left, Luísa’s ancestor wearing a silver mesh pouch made by her father’s craftsmen. 

On the right, from left to right: Serafim Rosas (grandfather), David Rosas (father), Manuel Vicente (cousin), Vicente Gaspar Vieira (great-grandfather) and Deolinda Rosas (grandmother).

Her proximity to the jewellery world and the tools used by master goldsmiths infused her creative spirit.

Luísa Rosas represents the fifth generation of this long-standing legacy.

She was also trained as an architect, and became influenced by her own personal way of observing the shapes of Nature, letting the search for geometrical patterns lead the creative process. Because there is no such thing as improvisation in Nature.

Our heritage

1860 - 1st GENERATION

First workshop owned by the Rosas Family, led by Mateus dos Santos Rosas, David Rosas’ great-grandfather.

1900 - 2nd GENERATION

Specialization in the manufacture of monogrammed rings and silver mesh pouches exported to England.

1930 - 3rd GENERATION

Family company becomes Rosas de Portugal.

1984 - 4th GENERATION

Grand-opening of the first David Rosas store, in Porto, creating unprecedented impact in the watchmaking and jewellery luxury market.

2009 - 5th GENERATION

Creation of Luísa Rosas brand, completely inspired by natural elements.


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