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Jewellery Care

1. Recommendations

Our jewellery is designed to be worn and loved, whether you wear them every day or only occasionally, your pieces of Luísa Rosas jewellery require care and attention. The recommendations below will help you preserve them in their original condition.

Ensure that you remove your jewellery when washing your hands and putting on perfume or face cream. The particles present in these cosmetics may become lodged in cavities and form a corrosive blend of materials that in the long term may lead to premature deterioration of the metal.

Don’t expose jewellery to household cleaning products as they may damage precious stones.

Take your regular activities into account when choosing your jewellery. Avoid wearing them on the beach, at the swimming pool or to play sport. Also avoid wearing your jewellery when doing housework or gardening.


2. Cleaning Tips

One of the safest and easiest ways to clean most jewellery is by concocting a mild at-home cleaning solution.

Create a soapy solution with a couple drops of dish soap and water, and then add a splash of ammonia (six parts water to one part ammonia also works).

Soak your jewellery pieces in the solution for a minute or two.

Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gently scrub every nook and cranny.

Run the piece under hot water. Rinse well.


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