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Luísa Rosas launches New Collection LUZ

Luísa Rosas launches New Collection LUZ

The new collection by the creative mind of Luísa Rosas is inspired in Portugal’s goldsmithery tradition.

Launched in 2019, at the height of Portugal’s notoriety as one of the world’s most fashionable countries to visit, this new collection is the perfect doorway to the hidden treasures of our country.

Picturesque begone: Luísa Rosas is set on catching the world’s breath completely by turning the tale of tradition into an ode to sophistication.

LUZ is the final result of a clever combination between brushed yellow gold and polished white gold, skewed and twisted and turned into spirally shapes, completed with diamond settings. LUZ is the structure that magically creates and holds light itself. The spirals capture radiancy, securing it and setting it free at the same time - shedding light through each opening and onto its bearer.

LUZ is light. Light reinvented. Light reborn. Light from the past and into the future.

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