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Luísa Rosas launches new collection TRIBE

Luísa Rosas launches new collection TRIBE

The Estufa Fria, in Lisbon, was the place chosen by the designer Luísa Rosas to present her latest collection, TRIBE. The place of the event, marked by exoticism, was perfectly suited to the spirit of the new collection by the prestigious Portuguese brand, in a dinner that guested national and international personalities connected to the most diverse areas, the fashion area particularly.

Under the motto Walk the earth and find your TRIBE, the event that took place on October 24th, introduced an exotic and challenging collection, as Luísa Rosas herself defines it. The TRIBE collection confirms an exhaustive work of observing Nature and reinterpreting its forms. TRIBE results from a new challenge of discovering the exotic and beauty in its purest state. For this new collection, Luísa Rosas left in search of games of light and shadow that make us travel to fantastic places and lose ourselves in the imaginary of a world that complements us. It is in this unexpected place, inhabited by an imaginary tribe, that we use unique objects, pieces of admirable contours.

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