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True beauty is unique in its diversity

In the ESSENCES collection the same silhouette was the base to create five different rings. Each 18K yellow gold ring has its very own inspiration and texture. Five pieces branch out into five different interpretations of five distinct elements, forming an admirable set of sculptures: WOOD, GRASS, WATER, STONE and LEAF.

WATER: the relentless power of nature.

The elemental power of water - rushing, flooding, reshaping, cleansing. This ring’s design originates from the process of abstraction and depuration of the movement of waves.

LEAF: nature’s heartbeat.

The veins of leaves, where nature’s blood flows, came as the inspiration for this ring. Overlapped into an elegant textured gold structure, a network of different layers of light and shadow is created.

ESSENCES represents five ways to express diversity.

WOOD: the many layers of nature.

A tree and its rings: thousands of years in stories. This was what inspired this ring, in which the contrast between the satin and polished finishes creates a feeling of depth.

STONE: the toil of nature.

The layers of slate, its cracks and structure, inspired this particular design. The carving of the gold, as well as its satin finish, emulates the unevenness of the stone, weathered by time.

Grass: touching nature.

This piece was inspired by the feeling of its texture against our fingers. It feels soft and teasing, all at once.

ESSENCES Collection


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