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Reveal the Inner you

Mini BE captures the design codes of the iconic BE collection and follows its own path to lighter and ultra delicate pieces. Inviting you to find your inner self.

Delicate and minimalist

Each one of us is the result of the combination between different cells. As the Mini BE and its graphic representation of the cellular structure, redesigned into small ovals.

Luísa Rosas’s new creations are undeniably original pieces that bring to the surface your true essence, like an x-ray reveals the inside of nature's most beautiful forms.

A minimalist version of the BE design codes – the cellular structure, which multiplies and comes to life in the form of organic jewellery -, Mini BE invites you to express in a transparent form.

A spotlight for emotions

Composed of mirror-polished 18k gold adorned with dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds, each creation promises exceptionally ultra-delicate and radiant jewellery. Discover Mini BE state of mind, find the genuine you.

Pure beauty with the touch of human hand
and a sprinkling of light.

Mini Be Jewellery


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