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Returns and Exchanges

A – Applicable rules for returns and exchanges

1. In the terms of the applicable legislation (DL n° 24/2014, 14 of February, altered by law 47/2014, 28 of July) the user / client has 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), starting from the date that the articles are delivered to the indicated address, to resolve the contract, without paying and without indicating a motive.

2. The rights referred to in the previous number should be exercised by the user / client by filling out the free resolution form on the website (legally approved model) that can be found below.

3. In the case where the user / client exercises their right of resolution, they should, at their own expense, return the product(s) that were delivered in the exact state that they were found upon delivery, accompanied by their respective warranty certificate(s), instruction manuals and any other document(s), packaging, any eventual accessories that may accompany the purchase.

3.1. Any costs associated to the return of products done by exercising the right of free resolution will always be supported by the user / client.

4. All elements accompanied by the product (including respective packaging and accessories) are essential for the eventual return or exchange of the product. The warranty certificate and the respective purchase receipt are absolutely necessary for exercising the rights dictated by the legal guarantee or the eventual voluntary guarantee provided by the respective manufacturer (see 10 below).

5. In the case where the user / client intends to exercise their right of resolution, in accordance with the terms of 1 and 2, without returning them to Luísa Rosas within the 30-day period from the date that they were received, the resolution communication will not have any effect and the cost paid for the product(s) will not be returned to the user / client. The same will be applied in the case where all elements referred in number 3 are not found in perfect condition.

6. Once the products have been returned, the service technicians of Luísa Rosas will proceed with analyzing them and verifying their state and the return of all elements referred in number 3.

7. We will not accept returns or exchanges on products that present any signs of wear or misuse (including, and not limited to, scratches, signs of fall, hits or abrasions). In these cases, Luísa Rosas will not return the value paid for the products in question and will proceed with returning them to the client, in the state that they were received.

8. We will not accept returns or exchanges on personalized products by the client or personalized in accordance with the client’s specifications.

9. After being analyzed by the Luísa Rosas technicians, if the returned product(s) follow the above conditions, the value paid by the user / client will be returned within a maximum of 30-days from the date that Luísa Rosas received the communication referred to in number 2 or the date in which the product was effectively returned to Luísa Rosas, in the case where the return has occurred posterior to the communication resolution date.

10. The credit will be processed to guarantee an efficient and speedy return for our client’s convenience, and will be returned according to the payment method utilized during the initial purchase:

  1. Credit Card / Paypal /MBWay: The return amount will be credited in the Credit Card or PayPal / MBWay account utilized during the initial order.
  2. Payment via ATM Reference: Amount credited to the bank account after indication of the clients IBAN used to pay for the order.
  3. Payment via Bank Transfer: Amount credited to the bank account used for the order.

12. You may exchange for any product in store, as long as the value is equal or superior.


B - Applicable legislation. Portuguese court’s jurisdiction

1.1. By utilizing the site as well performing transactions, contracts and business made through the website, and the interpretation and application of the present general conditions are applicable to Portuguese law.

1.2. To resolve any litigious emergence from utilizing the website, transactions, contracts and business made through this or the application of present general conditions are exclusively of the Portuguese Court’s authority.


C – Legal information provided to the consumer

1. Information in regard to the Right of Free Resolution (referred to in line j of n.° 1 article 4, of DL n.° 24/2014, 14 of February, altered by Law 47/2014, 28 of July)

The consumer has the right of free resolution of the present contract during a period of 14 calendar days, without requiring any motive or explanation. The timeframe to exercise the right of free resolution expires 14-days and one day after from the date that either you or a third-party indicated by you, without including the transportation, have received the physical goods.

To exercise your right of free resolution, you must communicate to use through the contacts below your resolution decision via an unequivocal declaration (ex. Mailed letter, fax, or email).

For these purposes, here are the following contacts of Luísa Rosas:

1. Filled out via electronic form
2. Address: Luísa Rosas, Unipessoal Lda.
Online Sales Services
Avenida da Boavista 1471, loja 9
4100 131 Porto
3. Electronic address:

To ensure that the timeframe of the free resolution is respected, ensure that the referenced communication in relation to the right of free resolution be sent before the expiration term of the resolution.

2. Free Resolution Form:

Download the PDF (Free Resolution Form)
Download do PDF (Exchange Form)


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