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Shipments and Orders

1.Client / User Responsibility

The registration as a user of the website and/or the placement of orders of products commercialized, presupposes the integral knowledge of the general conditions and implies the explicit consent from the client / user of all terms and conditions.


2.Client Registration and Order Completion

2.1.To place orders online, the user / client, can choose to register as a user beforehand, by filling out the respective form available online or not, as it is also possible to place orders without being registered as a user.

2.2.The user / client is the only person responsible for the integrity, veracity, and completion of the user registration form, including the orders that may be realized. The user / client will be responsible for keeping and maintaining in secret their password for accessing the client area. The loss or theft of the access password should be immediately communicated to Luísa Rosas.

2.3.The user / client is responsible for always maintaining and updating the information related to their account, including the elements related to addresses.

2.4. Luísa Rosas reserves the right to cancel all accounts and registers of user / clients that contain false or incomplete information and/or correspond to nonexistent identities.

2.5.After registering as a user, the user / client may complete orders, utilizing the shopping cart, and follow all steps, including those related to the payment.

2.6.The shipment validation requires approval by the user / client of the present general conditions, including the price, product descriptions, shipment times, and particular details of the transaction.

2.7.After ordering (and the respective payment) the user / client will receive an email with the order number, the acquired products, and particular details related to the order. The user / client should inform, immediately, Luísa Rosas in the case of an error or if the description and particular elements of the order are incorrect, to cancel the order.

2.8.The user / client should save the order confirmation, print and save the document in a secure location.

2.9.In the event of an error in the programming or communication, of which the information transmitted to the client is not in perceptible and comprehensible conditions related to essential elements or contractual elements, Luísa Rosas reserves the right to cancel the order, informing the client / user of such.

2.10.The information registered by Luísa Rosas in relation to the client / user and orders made, will be stored by Luísa Rosas and may serve as contractual proof of orders. At the request of the client / user Luísa Rosas will deliver copies of the client registers and respective orders.


3.Price, Characteristics, and Availability of Products

3.1.The images utilized on the website for products are merely illustrative. By completing your order, the client / user should verify and analyse the characteristics and descriptions of their respective products.

3.2.Each Luísa Rosas creation is unique. As a result, size, carat weight and stone qualities can vary slightly from one piece to another. 

3.3.The price indicated is, excluding errors as a result of insertion or contrary indication, are the public sale price (including VAT).

3.4.The price of purchase made through the site is valid for the day of which the order and payment are made. Luísa Rosas reserves the right to alter the sale price at any moment without prior warning.

3.5.It is possible, including with the efforts and rigorous control mechanisms instituted by Luísa Rosas, some indicated prices may be incorrect. In the case where such mistake occurs, during the processing of the order, Luísa Rosas will inform the client / user of such. In such a case, the user / client may:

3.5.1.The difference will be returned in cases where the price paid is superior to the advertised price.

3.5.2.You may cancel your order, or after being informed of the correct price and still being interested, pay the difference, in cases where the advertised price is superior to the paid value.

3.5.3.The stock indication, as well as the delivery dates, are merely illustrative. In cases where the stock is unavailable or processing delays or shipping delays of the product(s) ordered by the user / client, making the order impossible to satisfy within the indicated delivery time period, including 5 added days, Luísa Rosas will contact the user / client, and they may choose to maintain the order and accept the new delivery date, or cancel, and receive the amount paid.

3.5.4.In the case where an ordered product is discontinued, Luísa Rosas will inform the client of such an event and will proceed with the cancelation (total or partial) of the order, returning the user / client the value correspondent to the price paid for the discontinued product(s).


4.Payment and Forms of Payment

4.1.The orders are made effective after payment through one of available methods provided by Luísa Rosas on the website.

4.2.The orders are only processed and shipped by Luísa Rosas to the user / client after the payment has been confirmed.

4.3.The payment methods available for online purchases through the website are as follows:

4.3.1. Credit Card / ATM reference / MBWay / PayPal and Bank Transfer.

4.3.2.The user / client recognizes and accepts that payment processing through online platforms involves security risks. The choice and option of usage of any payment method is exclusively the responsibility of the user / client, they may not hold Luísa Rosas responsible for any eventual damage or losses incurred as a result of utilizing one of these payment methods, unless they are able to prove that the damage or losses were caused by a culpable act of omission by Luísa Rosas.


5.Delivery of Orders. Costs and Shipping Costs

5.1.The website and the products available are to be sold directly to the, of which Luísa Rosas will not consider any order that, by the objective characteristics, is not destined as a final consumer sale, or is a purchase that will be resold.

5.2.The user / client is the sole responsible party for the precise introduction, complete and honest of all solicited information on the user registration form and of the respective orders, including, without limiting, the address where the respective order should be delivered. Luísa Rosas may not be held accountable for any delay or shipping difficult, including the incorrect delivery at an address not indicated by the user / client, whenever the mistake occurs as a result of error or imprecise information provided by the user / client.

5.3.The user / client is responsible for, at the moment of the order reception, of verifying if the packaging is in perfect condition and if the articles in question are from the order placed. In cases where there is visible damage, the user / client should refuse the order, mentioning the issue with the delivery representative, and contact through the email:

5.4.Unless otherwise indicated, the estimated delivery date for articles order are approximately 3 to 5 working days after payment confirmation. For the estimation, business days will not include Saturdays, Sundays, or national or municipal holidays, days that are decreed bridge tolerance, and worker strikes in transportation or postal service sectors. The deliveries are made, during business days, between 9:00 and 18:00.

5.5.In the case where no one is present at the time of delivery, a new time shall be scheduled by the shipping company. In the case where the second delivery is unsuccessful, your order will be returned to the shipping to Luísa Rosas. In such cases, the value paid will be credited to the user / client, deducting the transportation and processing costs of the order.

5.6.Shipping is free for purchases with a total value equal or greater than €200. For orders with a lower value, the following shipping costs apply:

  1. Continental Portugal: €6
  2. 48h Madeira and Azores: €21
  3. 72h Madeira and Azores: €11
  4. Spain: €7
  5. Zone 1 (European Union): €22
  6. Zone 2 (United Kingdom): €29
  7. Zone 3 (Other destinations except South America and Africa): €45

No shipments are made to countries in South America and Africa so users from these countries will not be able to complete the checkout.


6.Applicable legislation. Portuguese court’s jurisdiction

6.1.By utilizing the site as well performing transactions, contracts and business made through the website, and the interpretation and application of the present general conditions are applicable to Portuguese law.

6.2.To resolve any litigious emergence from utilizing the website, transactions, contracts and business made through this or the application of present general conditions are exclusively of the Portuguese Court’s authority.


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