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Walk the earth and find your TRIBE

The TRIBE collection is inspired by the design of leaves, their density, their veins and overlapping layers. The distortion of each form, through convex and concave planes as well as the reinvention of volume underline the light and shadow effect. TRIBE is a collection that takes us on a journey of perpetual discovery in which the exotic reveals itself.

The TRIBE collection will transport you to fantasy places in an imaginary world that will conquer you. In this unexpected place, inhabited by a dream-like tribe you will find unique objects, tribal silhouettes, pieces of admirable design.

Earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings offer a truly delicate craftsmanship, as the veins in leaves are extremely thin and tightly knit together. Those veins and their organic repetition create different sensations within the same piece: you can see through them when facing the piece, or find the pattern tighter and more opaque when observing the piece in perspective.

TRIBE is a collection with peculiar traits.

With the yellow gold bracelets, for instance, the surprise comes in the carefully selected diamonds of the clasp. The Tribe necklace is a piece that can be used in two different ways: with the diamonds visible in the front or discretely placed in the back, for daytime use. These are the traits that make TRIBE an inspiring collection to unearth, in every detail, through a defiant discovery ritual.

TRIBE Collection


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